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Keep Michaeling Forever!
Another Twitter Pack for Michael Jackson' Fans! Everyone knows (who talked with me xD) that I love Angel Ball event so much!
So, I decided to make a banner, an icon and an header for you and for me lol
Feel free to take it but I ask you only to give me credit by twitter: @SimplyLovingMJ
PS: don't worry about the size. If you click on the header, it will be opened in another page, so you can download it in the real size! :3

firma angel

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Keep Michaeling Forever!
Soo guys, this is my first post about Twitter packs only for Michael Jackson!
Feel free to take what you need but I ask you only to credit me with a tweet. ♥ @SimplyLovingMJ
Thank you very much and feel free to make a request!
Ps: don't worry about the side. click on the image to download it as original size and it'll look fine! :D

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